Construction Services for Homeowner Associations

Homeowner association managers and board members are good at what they do, but they are not construction experts. This is why they engage experts such as architects, engineers and builders for commercial construction jobs and other services such as roof repair and painting.

Our construction services for homeowner associations (HOA) include day-to-day community maintenance/repair such as stucco application and repair, professional painting, wood repair and replacement, renovating neglected and abandoned properties and capital improvement projects such as building community centers and recreation facilities.

We understand the importance of maintaining neighborhoods and know that residents depend on their HOA to maintain the value of their properties. We also know you have to adhere to a strict budget. These are some of the ways we help HOAs maximize their budgets and resources.

 We have decades of experience providing construction services for HOAs and can ensure we will start and finish projects on time and within budget.

  • Schedule projects during the off season to save money.
  • Provide detailed specifications in contracts so all parties understand what is expected.
  • Monitor contractors closely to avoid miscommunication and wasted time.
  • Direct complaints through proper channels to ensure prompt resolution and avoid wasting time.
  • Follow up with contractors if work is not completed properly.
  • Work with insurance providers to determine HOA and contractor insurance needs.

Request a consultation to learn how our construction services for homeowner associations can help you keep your community looking beautiful and maintain high property values.

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