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Commercial Building Construction Services For Warehouse Facilities

There is currently a lot of demand for warehouse and storage facility construction because of the increase in online retail and commerce. Warehouses are essential to the logistics of a successful eCommerce operation and efficient distribution of goods and every item spends time in a warehouse at some stage of its lifecycle with a manufacturer, importer, exporter, wholesaler or customs broker.

Regardless of what features are included, the purpose of all warehouses is to keep stock secure during all points in the supply chain. These are the criteria we consider when we provide commercial building construction services for warehouses and storage facilities.

  • Functional Design: We can create designs that include refrigeration and cold storage facilities, provisions for chemical storage and special features such as loading docks that accommodate different types and sizes of trucks.
  • Quality of Materials: Materials comprise about 80% of the total cost of building a warehouse. We typically use steel or other metals because they are durable enough to hold heavy loads.
  • Size: We recommend that a warehouse have a minimum of 5,000 square feet and the capacity to store a variety of types of containers and items. Smaller storage facilities are more expensive to build and maintain because they provide less storage space but have similar operating costs. 
  • Sustainability: Warehouses are simply designed with four walls and a high roof, but sustainability and energy-saving features are important and are becoming more critical because the industry relies so heavily on technology. Because of this, we can design a warehouse to include solar panels on the roof to significantly reduce energy costs.
  • Transportation: Delivering and picking up goods is essential for warehouse and storage facilities. We include proper access so trucks can easily deliver and pick up goods and so there is adequate space for loading machinery such as forklifts, and accessible emergency exits.
  • Safety: We design all warehouses to be fireproof and include a sprinkler system in every design. All cladding included in the structure is certified as flame-retardant and offers protection from fire damage. We also use concrete slab flat floors to prevent equipment damage and reduce the risk of injuries.

Request a consultation to learn how we can apply our commercial building construction expertise to build a warehouse that meets your unique needs and helps you reduce operational costs.

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