Whenever you decide to begin a residential construction project, your first task is finding a reputable residential construction company to work with you. From start to finish, the right professionals can make a world of difference when it comes to your budget, your time, and the quality of the finished work.

Every day, the best residential construction companies put customers and clients at the center of their operations. They communicate regularly and work hard to keep the project safe, on time, and on budget.

It does take some due diligence on your part to find the right residential contractor or company for your project. However, the payout is well worth the effort.

If you’re hoping to land the best company with just an online search for “best residential construction companies near me,” you might be sorely disappointed. All companies are “the best” and look the same in online search results. You need to know what to look for in each company you’re considering.

Make Sure They Have Experience Providing the Services Your Project Needs

Not every construction company has experience in every facet of construction. Many may specialize in only certain masonry, electrical, or roofing services. If you require a construction company that has experience with a wide range of services, your best bet in Arizona is to go with a general contracting company.

General contractors can coordinate any type of service and any subcontractors needed. This approach ensures that every task your project needs to have done will be handled professionally, all under one “roof.”

Ask for and Investigate References

Always ask for references so you can learn about the experiences other customers of the residential construction company have had. It may be tempting to skip this investigation. You might assume that since you were handed a list of references, they must be legit.

This honesty is not always the case. Take the time to contact references and ask questions about the customer’s thoughts on their experience with the company. Inquire whether the company completed the project on time and within budget.

It’s also good to learn how the company handled work order changes and any complications. Asking the right questions of these former customers can paint a detailed picture of what your own experience with the contractor might be like.

Check on Subcontractors and Project Managers

Residential construction companies are only as good as the weakest members of their teams, so you need to get information on all of the team members who will be tasked with jobs for your project.

This information includes all subcontractors that the residential construction company will need to call in, field managers, and project overseers. The best companies rely on managers to oversee the stages of work being done at all times. This approach ensures that on completion, their customers’ projects are high-quality, safe, code-compliant, and within budget.

If a company you are considering does not plan to have managers oversee the work, or they cannot provide you with information about subcontractors, you may want to move on to other residential construction companies.

Verify that the Residential Construction Company is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

For your protection, this coverage is a basic requirement that must be non-negotiable. A company that has made the effort to become licensed, bonded, and insured will most likely take the same time and care with your project to ensure it’s done right. You will be protected from lawsuits resulting from on-the-job injuries, incomplete or unsatisfactory work, and other undesirable outcomes.

You can verify licensing information with the National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies (NASCLA).

Know What Questions to Ask Residential Construction Companies and Contractors

The most direct way to find out everything you need to know is to ask questions and validate any answers as required. There are dozens of questions you could ask general residential contractors and companies in Arizona, some of which should be:

  • Have you worked on projects like mine before?
  • What makes your company stand out over your competitors?
  • Are workmanship and materials guaranteed?
  • Are your bids estimates of project costs or a fixed price?
  • What is the payment schedule that we would follow for the project?

When you’re armed with the knowledge of what you should be focusing on to find the “best residential construction company near me,” you’ll improve your chances of achieving project results that meet or even exceed your expectations.

If you require services from one of Arizona’s leading residential construction companies, request a consultation with Charter Construction Group to get started.