You never know what condition a rental home or apartment will be in when a tenant leaves. While some tenants are meticulous about cleaning and keeping the property in good shape, others may leave your properties in poor condition.

Whether you need a minor refresh to return your properties to good condition or general repairs or maintenance, or you need significant remodeling as part of your facilitation of rental property turnover, Charter Construction Group is here to help.

Nationwide Residential Remodeling for REITs and REOs

As nationwide residential general contractors, serving REITs and REOs, Charter Construction Group can handle everything you need to streamline getting new tenants in place quickly. By working with a single residential general contractor across multiple properties — located anywhere in the country — you can reduce your workload significantly. There is no need to source and secure contractors, worry about the quality of subcontractors or have to micromanage projects yourself.

Charter Construction Group provides residential remodels and helps facilitate seamless rental property turnover nationwide, so you can rest assured that your properties will be ready to lease quickly while meeting your standards.

Streamline Rental Turnover Property with this Checklist

At every property across your portfolio, Charter Construction Group uses a custom checklist that you approve. Typical checklists include items such as:

  • Collecting any items tenants left behind, with an itemized list.
  • Hauling trash and debris.
  • Replacing air filters and batteries in smoke detectors.
  • Replacing any burned-out lights.
  • Tightening or replacing loose hardware.
  • Inspecting drains for clogs.
  • Inspecting drains and pipes for leaks.
  • Looking for signs of water damage.
  • Checking appliances to ensure proper operation.
  • Replacing appliances if needed.
  • Replacing fixtures such as toilets, bathtubs, sinks, and cabinets (if needed).
  • Fixing items listed as damaged during move-out inspection.
  • Patching walls where needed.
  • Painting surfaces.
  • Cleaning or replacing carpeting.
  • Changing locks.
  • Performing landscape maintenance as needed.
  • Making any outdoor repairs required.

Rental property turnover services also include a thorough cleaning of the property, including kitchens and bathrooms.

Fast, Efficient Rental Property Turnover Services

Because Charter Construction Group has more than two decades of experience as residential general contractors, we know what it takes to get rental properties looking their best quickly. The longer your rental property sits vacant, the less income is coming in. By streamlining your rental turnover, you get new renters in place faster to keep your properties earning.

Full Service Residential Remodeling

During rental property turnover, if we uncover more serious problems that need attention, we can also handle remodeling and renovation of any scale. Whether you need to do major repairs, or it is time to update or upgrade your rental property, Charter Construction Group offers full-service remodeling options, including kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations, roofing, and more.

Staying Competitive and Increasing Rental Rates

Anytime someone is looking for a rental home or apartment, they have options. How your property compares to other rentals will play a major role in a tenant’s decision about where to locate. You want to ensure you are competitive with what is on the market.

Efficient rental property turnover is about more than just cleaning up messes made by previous tenants. The best residential general contractors can also help you upgrade your properties to increase property values and the rents you charge. Even minor upgrades can improve your occupancy rate or generate higher income.

The experts at Charter Construction Group understand rental property turnover, REO rehab, and REIT remodeling needs to get the job done efficiently.

Meet Tenant Expectations and Increase Occupancy

Rising home prices have priced many homebuyers out of the market. This has increased demand for rental properties and led to increases in rental prices. While that is good news for building owners and investors, higher rents also come with higher expectations.

Meeting or exceeding tenant expectations will be even more important when they are paying more for rental properties. They will be expecting upgraded or remodeled properties.

Meeting tenant expectations also helps with renewals. When they are satisfied with the condition of the property, renters are more likely to renew and keep your income stream flowing.

Choose Charter Construction Group

Charter Construction Group specializes in working with asset management firms, REITs, brokerages, property management companies, and private investors to manage rental property turnover, rehab, and remodels. We handle the sourcing, solicitation, and management of bids for any outsourced services. We have strong partnerships with local suppliers in most markets, providing access to high-quality work at affordable prices.

Contact Charter Construction Group today at 866-268-1632 to streamline your rental property turnover or request a consultation online.