The longer a property is unoccupied, the less revenue you bring in. Worse yet, there are still fees and expenses. You will be footing the bill for utilities and maintenance until you can lease the property again, So the faster you can do residential tenant turns, the better.

It can be challenging, however, to identify what needs to be done, find and manage subcontractors to do the work, and coordinate it all in a timely manner — especially if you are managing multiple properties or remote locations or need to get work done at scale.

You want to work with a rental turnover service that works fast to minimize downtime, but you also want units to be in good shape to attract new tenants. Charter Construction Group provides rental turnover service for property owners, managers, and real estate-owned (REO) properties. From general maintenance to repairs, restoration, and remediation, Charter Construction Group can get your properties looking great and market-ready.

While you want rental properties in market-ready condition, you also do not want to spend money on items that will not help you rent the property or generate higher rents. After handling thousands of residential tenant turns, Charter Construction Group knows what needs to be done and where not to waste your dollars.

Rental Turnover Property Checklist

You will want to work with your rental turnover service to come up with a standard rental turnover property checklist to make sure everything gets done. A basic checklist might include:


  • Cleaning the inside of properties
  • Making sure interior walls are free of holes and cracks
  • Patching and painting surfaces where needed
  • Making sure appliances, outlets, toilets, sinks, and showers work appropriately
  • Checking the operation of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Making sure carpeting and floors are presentable, cleaning or replacing as needed
  • Doing routine maintenance on HVAC systems, filters, and vents
  • Checking for leaks or water damage
  • Repairing anything broken or damaged
  • Hauling any trash, debris, or items left by tenants
  • Tightening or replacing loose hardware
  • Changing locks


  • Checking exterior lighting
  • Inspecting and repairing roofing as needed
  • Performing landscape maintenance as required
  • Patching or painting as needed
  • Property cleaning and debris removal

Curb appeal is important, especially for rental housing. Nearly all rental searches start online, and the first thing people may see will be the outside of a rental home. If they come for an on-site visit and the pictures do not match the reality, potential renters can lose interest fast. Even minor touchups, like painting the front door or adding a fresh layer of mulch and pruning bushes, can go a long way in improving the curb appeal.

Properties with strong curb appeal can increase rental rates or selling prices. Even in slow markets, the curb appeal premium can improve revenue by as much as 14%.

Getting the Work Done

Identifying what needs to be done is just the beginning, however. Once you determine the scope of residential tenant turns, you have to line up subcontractors to get the work done promptly. When you work with a rental turnover service like Charter Construction Group, we handle everything for you. If a property needs minor work, we will get it done fast. If it requires major repairs or renovations, we have deep relationships with experienced local professionals in markets nationwide.

Working with a residential rental turnover service that operates nationally means you get a consistent approach to your rehab. While checklists may vary slightly for different REOs or properties, once you develop your checklist, crews can get to work. Because of these deep local connections, Charter Construction Group knows what needs to be done to meet local standards, both for compliance with regulations and for the amenities needed for competitive pricing.

Charter Construction Group understands what it takes to get the job done right and meet your expectations. We work with REOs, property owners, and building managers to schedule work to minimize downtime and disruption. We also take other steps to ensure you get the quality work that makes your property attractive for the next set of renters.

Throughout the project, we create thorough documentation, providing constantly updated progress reports so you always know what is happening with your property and can forecast appropriately.

Looking to get your rental properties market-ready fast and reduce the time for residential tenant turns? Call Charter Construction Group today at 866-268-1632 or request a consultation online.