Property owners, investors, and managers who need construction projects at scale turn to Charter Construction Group to get it done and get it done right. As a general contractor with more than 40,000 property projects done to date, Charter provides general contractor services in several states across the country.

This leading general contractor to homebuilders and property owners offers various services to suit any need, from simple cabinet installations to full-on remodels and redesigns. Whether an owner or manager has one property that needs attention or one hundred, Charter Construction Group can handle all construction projects at scale efficiently, properly, and on budget.


Charter’s general contractor services assure successful project completion using state-of-the-art computer software, integrated operations, a proven construction process, experience, and good old-fashioned communication.

Technology-driven solutions include Charter’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which delivers fully customized project management capabilities via a customer and vendor portal.

Charter Construction Group’s software tools can exchange data securely with their open application programming interfaces. These interfaces facilitate data transmission between all parties involved in every project.

Every Charter Construction Group team member is fully trained and equipped with the most updated, state-of-the-art building and construction software, along with project management software. Field managers can provide easy tracking, and the QuickBase software Charter uses gives clients project updates in real-time.


Charter Construction Group is committed to complete transparency with every client. In addition to field managers being present on-site at construction projects, Charter dedicates its teams to being available wherever else they are needed.

This commitment secures the success of construction projects, regardless of scope or size. Charter aims to exceed every client’s expectations, and with clear communication and the ability for clients to track progress, working with a team of contractors has never been easier or more beneficial.

Charter Construction Group ensures that property owners, managers, and investors are updated in real-time about project progress. Clients can view uploaded photos and videos to track tasks within projects. Using state-of-the-art technology provides a critical advantage to completing large-scale construction projects, opening the door to clear communication for everyone involved.

Expansive Product Availability 

One common construction project seen across properties is the installation of new flooring. Charter has available flooring solutions that range from economical on the standard end to high-quality on the exclusive end. Cabinetry is also a common construction project at scale, and Charter has a range of framed and frameless cabinetry designs, accessories, hardware, and finishes on hand.

Charter provides the most in-style designs and solutions for diverse projects, and builders’ warranties always back the work. Materials that represent an extensive array of designs are another specialty of Charter Construction Group, whether it involves flooring, countertops, or unique cabinetry.

If you need storage projects, bathroom construction, new floors, remodels, redesigns, or anything else, do not waste your time searching the internet for “general building contractors near me” when you have already found the best in Charter Construction Group.

Professional Relationships 

Charter has steadily built and maintained professional relationships with businesses across every facet of the design, building, and construction industries. This reputation allows clients to come to Charter Construction Group as a “one-stop shop” for consultation, design, and installation.

These relationships are with real estate professionals, property management companies, financial institutions, manufacturers, suppliers, and other organizations. Fannie Mae is one of Charter’s primary business partners for REO properties. Charter has a proven track record for getting distressed properties ready to be listed on the market quickly.

Warrantied Workmanship and Materials 

Keeping customers satisfied also keeps referrals coming in. Construction project work must always be done efficiently, properly, and safely, without sacrificing the quality of the work done or the integrity of materials used.

Charter Construction Group ensures that warranty work is also completed with meticulous attention to detail. Materials and workmanship are always warrantied. This approach prevents property owners, investors, and managers from worrying about value, project integrity, safety issues, or project deadlines.

Peace of mind is worth millions, and with Charter Construction Group, our clients’ peace of mind is always our primary focus.

Trust Charter Construction 

There are numerous goals to achieve with any construction project at scale. Regardless of how many properties a project spans, each one has to be given the same attention to detail, the same level of workmanship, and the same expert oversight as the next.

Charter Construction Group eliminates common worries that often plague clients who retain other general contractor services. Some of these include going over budget, suffering from a lack of communication, re-doing tasks within projects, functional failures, and many others.

Every day, people searching for “general building contractors near me” put their faith in Charter when they want perfect construction projects at scale. We are the top-rated solution for multi-property build projects.

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