We get it.

Time is money, so when it comes to real estate rehab, you want to get your property market-ready as quickly as possible.

When you turn to the REO property renovation specialists at Charter Construction Group, you get a team of experienced professionals who know what it takes to meet your deadlines with quality work at an affordable price. Because we handle REO property renovation projects nationwide, we can manage every aspect of your real estate rehab from start to finish. We have an average rehab cycle time of less than 30 days, so you can get your REOs market-ready in record time.

Turn Real Estate Rehab Projects Fast

We recommend a three-step process to get things moving quickly:

  1. Analyze
  2. Justify
  3. Renovate


You will first need to analyze your property and itemizes the work that needs to be done. Typically, you want to bring REOs up to the quality of similar residential housing in the community. It is helpful to look at comps of both interiors and exteriors to identify the types of renovations that are in demand and will improve property values and marketability.


After identifying the scope of work, you will want to do a cost analysis to justify spending the money. While you want to improve your property,  you do not want to make unnecessary repairs or spend money doing things that will not provide a return on your investment.

There is also a trade-off in the amount of time it takes to do REO property renovation. Real estate rehab that takes a long time also delays generating revenue from your property.


Finally, it is time to get to work and do the repairs and REO property renovation. Depending on the tasks, you may need a variety of services, including:

  • Minimum repairs and rehabs
  • Full renovations and remodels
  • Property preservation and maintenance
  • Code compliance and violation abatement
  • Clean-up and debris removal

At Charter Construction, we streamline the real estate rehab process to make it seamless. Rather than dealing with multiple contractors or service providers, we handle everything for you.

High-Quality Real Estate Rehab in Record Time

It takes an experienced REO property renovation company to turn projects around quickly without sacrificing quality. Charter Construction has completed more than 40,000 residential repair and renovation projects. We have the skilled workforce, labor management, access to materials, and technology to meet the most aggressive deadlines.

Access to Labor

Labor shortages nationwide continue to create significant challenges in hiring skilled workers and getting contractors to commit to deadlines. The Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) February 2023 report shows the shortage is getting worse. ABC forecasts that the construction industry needs to hire an additional 546,000 workers beyond the normal pace of hiring just to meet demand.

Charter Construction has strategic partnerships with local professionals in nearly every market. Because of the volume of work we do, this allows us to provide consistent work. In turn, this gives us access to high-quality professionals at affordable rates. Even when other contractors cannot find the skilled labor they need, we can.

Labor Management

With Charter Construction, you do not have to worry about managing multiple contractors, subcontractors, or servicers. We provide full labor management, making sure the job gets done right and done fast.

As an experienced REO rehab contractor, we know what it takes to get the job done, how long it will take, and how to manage our team to meet deadlines.

Access to Materials

Since we buy in bulk, we also have access to materials even when there are hiccups in the supply chain. Rather than waiting for materials to arrive, we can shift items from other projects to make sure we meet deadlines.


Charter Construction uses state-of-the-art technology to manage projects from start to finish. You will see the status of every project and get real-time updates. This clears any hurdles that arise faster since you always know what is going on. We also employ the latest design tools to create workable blueprints and detailed checklists for all of our real estate rehab projects to keep everything on schedule.

Specialists in Real Estate Rehab and REO Property Renovation

Charter Construction can handle all of your REO rehab projects from start to finish, saving you time and money. From simple clean-up, debris removal, and minor repairs to major renovations, Charter Construction is your nationwide property renovation company.

Call the team at Charter Construction Group today at 866-268-1632 or request a consultation online and accelerate your real estate rehab.