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Do you have the homebuilding process down to a science but wish you could manage punch lists and warranties more efficiently?

Most punch list work items are simple fixes such as touching up paint or replacing a cracked tile. However, if you are like most homebuilders, you dread it because it is time-consuming and draws resources from your core business—building homes.

Warranty work is the same way. You have already built the home and now you get a call from a homeowner about a problem you have to correct. So, once again, you are forced to allocate resources that could be focused on building homes to fix problems.

Residential Building Services

Working with our Residential Builder Services team is your “go-to” solution for managing punch lists and post-sale warranty work. These are the services we offer.

  • Warranty Work – If warranty work is completed promptly and done right, your customers are satisfied and happy to provide referrals.
  • Punch Lists – When punch list work is completed, you turn over a new home to a customer and start. Learn how we can help get you there faster.
  • Special Projects – If you need to complete residential construction projects but lack the resources, call on our expert team to get the job done right and on time — every time.

Punch list work is a “necessary evil” because the job technically is not complete until a client signs off. Also, if you want referrals and repeat business, you need to complete warranty work promptly and efficiently.

Request a consultation with us to learn how we can help you turn over new homes more quickly, keep customers happy and generate more referrals.

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