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Get Paid for Insurance Construction Work and FEMA Disaster Construction Projects

Anyone who does residential restoration work will tell you their biggest challenge is getting paid. This is because most restoration projects require that you work with an insurance company or the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Both insurance companies and government agencies are notorious for delaying payments. The main problem is most claims adjusters and government officials have minimal construction experience. So, they are unfamiliar with material and labor costs. This can delay approvals that you need during a project, which slows down the entire process–including when it is time for them to pay you.

If you do not know how to work effectively with insurance companies and FEMA you may experience cash flow problems and become frustrated because you are forced to waste valuable time monitoring the status of payments and tracking down the “right” person who can help.

When it comes to insurance construction work and FEMA disaster construction projects the key is to complete repairs quickly and know how to work directly with insurance companies and/or FEMA to expedite payment. We have extensive experience managing restoration projects and established relationships with insurance providers. So, we know what information they need, can avoid delays by presenting it so they understand it and know how to expedite payment.

Request a consultation to learn how our experience performing insurance construction work and completing FEMA disaster construction projects can save you hours or time and help you avoid cash flow problems.

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