Homebuilders trust Charter Construction Group for remodels, new builds, REITS, renovation, remediation, and many other types of special projects. Property owners and managers trust Charter to get their properties into shape to move to a “leased” status instead of sitting vacant. Managers depend on Charter to renovate properties and facilitate commercial tenant improvement.

When homebuilders search online for “general building contractors near me,” they may get results that include more than a few companies and professionals.

Let’s look at why more people choose Charter Construction Group for important building and development projects across many states:

Strategic Partnerships

Development clients need a licensed general building contractor with strong existing relationships with industry partners to obtain the best service. These relationships secure the best of everything for the project at hand: the best materials, the best professionals, and the best craftsmanship. Homebuilders need accessible options to choose project fundamentals that align with their needs and their budget.

Charter Construction Group has spent years forming and strengthening strategic relationships with industry suppliers and realtors, investors, large national banks, and many others. All of this means that clients have access to professionals right at their fingertips through Charter Construction Group.

When homebuilders search “general building contractors near me,” they expect to find the best. They expect to find Charter.

People taking on rehabilitation projects or home acquisition projects also benefit from Charter’s background. Charter Construction Group partners with local contractors to assist field team supervisors in meeting project needs efficiently and accurately.

Quality Work with Warranties

Any work done for homebuilders must be done meticulously, up to code, and promptly. When general contractors are hired for any project, from REO and remodeling to REITS or even just simple flooring projects, they need to back up the work that has been done.

These warranties ensure that the homebuilder will end up with happy customers; happy customers turn into referring customers, expanding their potential client base.

Charter Construction Group ensures warranty work is always done. For example, any new flooring project entrusted to Charter Construction Group will be durable and beautiful, come within budget, and be backed by quality workmanship. Charter maintains an inventory of up-to-date styles from high-quality brands and economical options, all of which are warrantied for specific periods.

Warranties are provided to cover all of a project’s materials and workmanship. Remodels by Charter continuously exceed customer expectations, thanks to the team’s extensive construction and general contracting experience.

Charter uses technology that lets customers track the progress of their remodeling projects, and photos can be easily uploaded and shared. This communication ensures clients remain satisfied, connected, and involved in their projects.

Homebuilders, renovators, property managers, and real estate professionals searching for “general contractors near me” choose Charter for real estate owned (REO) renovations because the company is a primary business partner with Fannie Mae.

Charter Construction Group is the #1 general contractor for getting distressed properties ready to be listed on the market as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality or warrantied work.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Whether it is communication tech that allows customers to receive project updates in real-time or design software that initially brings a client’s visions to become a workable blueprint, Charter Construction Group employs an arsenal of software programs that provide a competitive advantage to every project.

While team members are also on-site at projects, Charter uses customized QuickBase software for project management that enables easy, accurate, and clear communication between all parties involved, no matter the size or scope of the task at hand.

State-of-the-art technology is also in play with the powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) system Charter Construction Group uses. This fully customized project management tool serves as a customer and vendor portal and offers an application programming interface for interoperability with other custom digital tools.

All of Charter’s team members are trained in the most up-to-date project management technology and software. This training allows field managers to provide updates to clients so they can easily track project progress.

Comprehensive General Contractor Services 

Charter Construction Group has completed more than 40,000 residential projects for homebuilders, property owners, managers, and other developers over the last 20+ years. With projects that range from installing simple cabinetry to complete property acquisition followed by a major renovation, Charter Construction Group has the experience, the partnerships, and the technology to get any project done.

It is no wonder that when people search “best general contractors near me,” they choose Charter.

The team’s commitment to total transparency with clients, attention to detail, and dedication to quality and safety ensure work is done on time and up to relevant codes and standards. Potential change orders and unforeseen circumstances never derail a project; with Charter, challenges are met head-to-head with the skill of our team and the technology to incorporate workable solutions.

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