Whether you are committing to tenant improvement construction or providing a tenant improvement allowance, you want to make sure the work will be done by high-quality and experienced tenant improvement contractors. After all, it’s your property, and you need to protect your investment.

A commercial contractor will be able to handle every aspect of your tenant improvement project, including scheduling the subcontractors, purchasing the materials, and meeting local regulations. So, choosing a contractor to oversee the work is an important decision.

Choosing the Best Tenant Improvement Contractors

The most important factor to consider when picking a contractor for tenant improvement construction is experience. You want high-quality work done by professionals who have done this kind of work often. For example, Charter Construction Group has been in business for decades and completed over 40,000 renovation projects.

With experience, you learn how to deliver high-quality work efficiently and consistently. For building owners, property managers, investment groups, and others, working with an experienced contractor provides several other significant benefits.

Accurate Estimates and Project Timelines

Tenant improvement construction can range from small modifications to major remodels. When you work with an experienced contractor, you are more likely to get accurate estimates and project timelines that you can count on.

Experienced contractors will also be able to identify and resolve any potential challenges before they turn into big problems or expensive change orders.


Tenant improvement construction costs can add up quickly, including both direct and indirect costs. An experienced contractor knows which subcontractors will deliver the best work and stick to timelines. Experienced contractors also know how to juggle subcontractors, schedules, and suppliers to get jobs done expeditiously, saving you time and money.

Quality and Value

You want high-quality work and great value. This means getting work that will improve your properties, protect your investment, and not overpay for improvements. Experienced contractors know how to do jobs efficiently and employ best practices for lasting quality.

Experienced contractors will also have a large portfolio of completed jobs. This helps you better evaluate the results. Look for contractors with extensive experience with tenant improvement construction and who have completed many similar projects.


The best tenant improvement contractors will prioritize safety on the job, protecting their workers and your property. When contractors take safety seriously, you know they will not cut corners or take risks that could put people in danger, create additional liability, and delay completion.

According to the Construction User Roundtable, 6.5% of the money spent on construction covers direct and indirect costs from accidents. The more focused on safety a company is, the better it can control its costs and pass the savings to its clients.


When discussing working with tenant improvement contractors, one area you want to focus on is communication. One of the top complaints about contractors is a lack of communication. However, you cannot afford to spend your time tracking down contractors to find out the status of your projects, especially if you are working on multiple projects or dealing with a high volume of properties.

Experienced contractors know what it takes to communicate effectively. For example, Charter Construction Group uses cloud-based, proprietary enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to plan and track every phase of tenant improvement construction projects. Workers at the job site provide real-time project updates, so you always know where projects stand and when they will be completed.

Communication is crucial. No matter how skilled someone is, they will likely not be a good choice if they do not follow a system and prioritize communication.

Why Choose Charter Construction Group?

Charter Construction Group can handle your tenant improvement construction needs and provide fast, responsive, cost-effective service wherever needed.

One big advantage of working with Charter Construction Group is that they have a national footprint. This allows you to leverage greater buying power for materials to keep costs down and access a larger pool of skilled labor. This enables Charter Construction Group to access labor and bulk buying power for materials—even when other contractors might struggle to get jobs done.

Charter Construction Group manages high-volume projects, so it’s easy to shift workers or materials from one job site to another to ensure projects get done on time.

Charter Construction Group is one of the country’s leading tenant improvement contractors. You can trust that this company can handle your tenant improvements and relieve renovations’ stress.

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