Commercial construction services are needed across various industries, from retail and office to restaurant, healthcare, and financial sectors. In 2020 alone, builders created $79.9 billion worth of commercial construction in the USA.

It is projected that by 2022, the value of construction starts across the country will reach $135 billion. Charter Construction Group provides commercial construction services that contribute to this exciting growth. We are the leader in delivering maximum returns with minimal costs to our clients.

Commercial Construction Management 

Charter Construction Group provides real-time solutions, updates, and communication to all parties involved in a construction project. We deliver efficient transparency for our clients’ utmost peace of mind. Our teams provide fully customized project management with a state-of-the-art enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

This cloud-based software provides:

  • Freedom for application programming interface (API) development
  • A customer portal
  • A vendor portal
  • Vendor management
  • Real-time updates
  • Comprehensive, relevant reporting

Our team members utilize this customized software to ensure that commercial construction projects are completed on time and within budget. Our field team is also trained to use commercial construction management technology that represents the latest field tech. This tech further facilitates transparent communication and includes:

  • Wireless tablets
  • Real-time updates
  • Easy document storage, upload, and sharing
  • Easy photo upload and sharing
  • Cloud-based scheduling
  • Accurate task tracking

These technologies translate into increased productivity, reduced cycle times, expedited bid submissions, and streamlined processes, offering real value to our commercial clients.

Design Builds and New Builds 

Whether it is projecting a restaurant’s total brand experience, redesigning an outdated shopping mall to attract patrons, or building a new lodging facility that requires superior quality construction, Charter Construction Group can get it done. If you have been searching online for “commercial construction near me” for days, end your search with us.

Restaurants, Eateries, and Other Food Establishments 

Customers spend time in restaurants to enjoy a fresh atmosphere away from the ordinary. They spend time with co-workers, friends, and family members and turn meals into memories. Restaurants are more than just places to grab a bite to eat. Therefore, a restaurant’s branding is extremely important.

As such, an excellent contractor is instrumental to its success. Complete knowledge of local regulations, permits, codes, and safety protocols must always be considered, and restaurants should be designed accordingly.

Retail and Grocery Stores 

Branding and consistency are key when retail construction projects and grocery store builds are at hand. One of the most important considerations contractors must account for is facilitating the movement and flow of people.

Whenever a flagship store’s construction or design is updated, a contractor must keep true to the new aesthetics and replicate it across other locations. “Commercial construction near me” is often not just “near me” but also requires replicating the same aesthetic across a widespread area at scale.

Office/Professional Buildings 

Commercial construction projects involving office buildings are very diverse. The umbrella that office buildings fall under can include complexes, skyscrapers, functional facilities, and small business office spaces. Sometimes, a cookie-cutter approach might work, and other times, the type of business that will occupy a building calls for a unique setup.

Charter Construction Group is a one-stop shop for everything from conceptualization and planning to building, remodeling, and more. Integrated operations, proven processes, transparent communication, and deep experience are the cornerstones of our business, and we put every one of them to work during commercial construction management for professional buildings.

Warehouse/Storage Projects 

Industrial buildouts can require a wide variety of special considerations that contractors must account for. These can include shipping docks, platforms, high ceilings, specialized ventilation, and large spaces to accommodate a huge inventory, giant machines, and a growing team of workers.

Safety is a critical planning issue that commercial contractors like Charter Construction Group must consider with industrial projects. Specialized building requirements from equipment planning to massive storage capabilities are just a small part of warehouse/storage builds. 

Educational/Worship Construction Projects 

One of the biggest considerations commercial construction companies must account for with school projects is time. This consideration is equally important for places of worship. Keeping disruptions minimized physically and as short as possible is paramount for these buildings because people rely on accessing them at specific, important times.

Planning out seating and equipment and considering the flow of people within is paramount. Any part of a building that serves a unique purpose must also have a specific design factor.

No two institutional buildings are alike, which means that there is no such thing as a typical institutional construction project. Charter Construction Group understands this, making our team the premier contractor in this industry.

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