Deciding to build a new commercial facility can seem easier than finding a partner you can trust for new commercial construction. Many contractors are out there, but not all of them are qualified to complete the construction project you have in mind.

Each type of commercial building has separate codes, ordinances, regulations, and requirements that builders must follow. This consideration is especially true with hospitals, educational facilities, sports complexes, and buildings in other industries that are highly regulated.

Tips for Finding a New Commercial Construction Contractor as Your Project Partner 

Choosing the best partner when searching the internet for “commercial construction near me” does take some research on your part. However, the payoff is well worth the effort. Some of the best ways to find the professional that suits your needs are to:

  • Investigate the full range of services they provide
  • Assess their online portfolio
  • Check references
  • Research their safety record
  • Find out how they manage time and tasks

It is also a good idea to get to know the project team working on your commercial construction project. This team will be involved in various processes throughout the build, so you want to make sure their personalities align with yours and that you will feel comfortable exchanging feedback and ideas.

Investigate the Full Scope of Services Available 

Contractors address many aspects of construction, so the one you choose will significantly impact your budget and your timeline. This consideration means you need to find a partner who will alleviate demands in these areas and others.

Some contractors only provide pre-referendum services that give you an estimate of project costs. They may only provide consultation, conduct research, offer communication materials, or any combination of these services.

Other contractors serve as one-stop shops that provide estimates and consultations, design services, build services, and anything else needed for a project from start to finish. These professionals have built relationships with subcontractors they trust to provide customers with an entire scope of services. This approach streamlines all processes and facilitates the project as a whole.

Regardless of the services they do or do not offer, never select a contractor to be your partner for your project solely based on price. You often get what you pay for, but that is not always a guarantee. Always make sure you understand the full scope of what a contractor can offer.

Assess Their Online Portfolio

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially with new commercial construction. Portfolios provide great detail about the capabilities of companies and contractors. The best professionals will construct your project to reflect your values, culture, business, and industry expertise.

Better yet, if you are able to visit finished buildings, do so. During your selection process, it will greatly benefit you to observe their work firsthand. You can also ask for case study notes to read through so you can learn the types of challenges the contractor and their crew experienced and how they overcame them.

Check References 

Always ask each potential partner for a list of references so you can talk with other project owners about the contractor, the project team, and the project that the contractor carried out. Ask them what they thought of how easy (or not) it was to work with the contractor and their team, how the contractor followed plans through, and how well they stayed on budget and schedule.

Research Their Safety Record 

As you probably know, commercial construction is a high-risk industry, but it is also a major contributor to the U.S. economy, with over 7 million employees nationwide. Attention to safety directly reflects a contractor’s concern for detail. It is also a reflection of their consideration for completing projects safely and correctly.

Look for a professional who has undergone construction safety training. Nothing brings a project to a halt quicker than an on-the-job injury that could result in litigation, lost wages, fines, and more. The right partner for your project should help protect your interests, and that includes your reputation.

Find Out How They Manage Time and Tasks 

A great construction contractor and crew will know how to keep projects on schedule and within budget. They will use the latest technology to manage the moving parts of projects, and will stay on top of timelines, deadlines, deliveries, and dozens of other elements. Inquire about their process for addressing changes and how they deal with roadblocks.

Make sure to ask how they coordinate communication between onsite managers and project owners. If they use specific software to organize their schedules, see if it is compatible with your own.

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