Whether you own a restaurant or a retail space, you are thinking about purchasing a space and having it renovated, or you are considering building an entirely new retail or restaurant space, you are going to need a general contractor in Phoenix. However, not just any general contractor will do. You must make sure to look at professionals with experience in retail/restaurant renovation and construction.

Construction on these types of spaces is much different than construction on a home, and you will be putting your entire project in this professional’s hands. The design and construction of restaurants and retail spaces require a harmonious balance between the customer experience and functional space.

You need to look for some specific things when evaluating the qualifications of general contractors in Arizona to ensure your restaurant or retail space project will go according to plan.

Level of Experience with Retail/Restaurant Construction and Renovation

A general contractor in Phoenix who specializes in both residential work and commercial work is ideal. There are unique challenges and demands in this type of business renovation and construction that strictly residential contractors will not be familiar with.

This familiarity includes requirements like local code compliance, special HVAC considerations, and accommodation for equipment not found in residential structures.

Inquire with companies about their past projects with businesses that are similar to yours. Ask to see photos and information about each portfolio. In addition, ask about the number of years they have been in business. Longevity in a competitive industry means a lot.

Communication Availability

No one wants to work with general contractors in Mesa, AZ, who are not ever available and do not take the time to explain things thoroughly with clients. Chat with a general building contractor and see if they have established subcontractors, what happens if last-minute changes need accommodation, and who will coordinate your project.

Pay attention to their answers and how much time they are willing to take to talk with you. Also, ask if they have any recommendations for the project.

You want a professional who will work with you and include you. Transparency with clients is essential. A contractor who objects during every step of the project will not be someone who will meet your needs. However, you also want an expert who will not hesitate to let you know if a certain idea will not work or carries little benefit for its cost.

In-Depth Quotes and Contracts

Contracts need to include stipulations for everything from equipment installation to work priority levels and deadlines. There should also be guidelines that the contractor will follow regarding last-minute changes or unexpected issues. General contractors in AZ must keep costs in control while adhering to an array of codes, ordinances, and specifications.

Quotes and contracts should focus on the cost of materials, what materials are needed, the estimated time frame required for completion, and the total amount and cost of labor hours.

Other important factors you may want to include in the contract would be noise and dust control elements, which person is the dedicated onsite superintendent, any security considerations to consider, and pre-project acquisition of materials.

Dedication to Brand-Level Standards

Just about every retail or restaurant build or renovation involves a brand. This branding is another facet of commercial construction that strictly residential contractors simply will not have enough experience to complete.

The right general contractor for your project will satisfy your needs for how your brand will feel, from the font on signs to the colors to the design of the building itself. Achieving the feel of a brand in design includes many different variables.

Some of those variables include using the exact shades of paint, finishes, and colors for your brand, whether it is on a front countertop or signage. In addition, specs on the mechanical details are vital. Brand considerations can also include other installations that are specific to your brand or business.

The Ability to Do New Construction, Remodels, and Build-Outs

Opening a new restaurant or retail space might require an entirely new building, but it might not. Maybe you have found the ideal building already and need to find general contractors in Mesa to transform it into your dream site. If that site is within a strip mall, you will need a contractor for build-out work to take that mall space and make customers line up for your food or products.

Even if you begin with brand-new construction, the chances are good that in the future, you will need a redesign or remodel.

The best solution is to rely on a trusted general contractor. A general contractor who can perform everything from designing and building a new space to remodeling it in the future will ensure that your place is always in the same capable hands.

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